Behind Periscope – I filmed me doing a live stream on Periscope

Just a little video. Nothing fancy. Just Ernie and me on a walk.

What do you think?

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  1. Hi liked your evening walk with Ernie. Germany is beautiful. Keith’s Dad was station there. Keith loves Germany. His Dad career military, WW2, Korea and Vietnam. Keith just loves Germany. He loved my Grandparents who knew German. My Grandparents are from Hungary.

  2. I never knew this vid was on until now. Ernie has a lot of red in his brown coat. It shows nicely against the green fields. It’s a nice vid to have not only for now but for the future too.

  3. Wonderful walk as I watched from my reclining chair. Ernie is very handsome. You could tell he was very happy…his tail kept going the entire time. I follow you on Twitter as My Kids Have 4 Legs. My Golden Retriever Pups (2) and Shih Tzu make every day in my life very SPECIAL!!!!

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