Back to blogging

Well, actually I have never been blogging before.
I have tried to run a photo blog but Instagram made this senseless.
I have been running a portfolio on this site but no one watched it.
I have been running a sales page for a mobile app but not enough people downloaded it to pursue this any further.
And all the while my social following grew bigger and bigger.
Finally I am back at the same question, that I asked me at the beginning. Do you really want to run a blog?
In the past my answer was no. I was afraid of the pressure.
Now I still ask me the same question. Am I able to maintain a blog.
I have no clue.
But I don’t care anymore. I am tired of asking me questions.

Stop asking, start doing.

And so here is my first real blog post.
What can you expect of me in the future?
The same as last year, the same as every year:

What do you think?

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  1. Hi Berti and Ernie we try to watch your vlogs. I have a son with Downs and Autism. So I have a hard time to myself. I have tried to stop NYCACC shelter to STOP KILLING PITTIES. We like you , Joan and Keith Bates you are calming and relaxing. Thank-you

  2. We love your site, Berti and Ernie. Tell us happy stories about canines or cats. Need to hear happy and rewarding stories. Been fighting with NYCACC shelter, that kill Pitties everyday. We heard Germany has no kill shelters. Good for Germany. Joan and Keith Bates

  3. Hi there Boys Berti and Ernie, I look at your posts, pics and stories if there are any when I come on which is sporadic. I am glad to be a part of this site as we can discuss anything we want to about dogs and other animals too. Besides, being in touch with the Boys and seeing their smiles, tactics that are used with their actions, and, also the feeling of well being they give you when you look at their pics, it can be very worthwhile if one is down and more worthier if one is not!
    Here’s one to start with-Did anyone know being around dogs when one has high blood pressure can actually help lower it? Another animal which can help to lower blood pressure is “watching fish in a tank”, cool huh!

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