Gianni The Human

Hello! My name is Gianni.

I am the human behind the cam, screen or any other technical device that has been used to create the “Ernie and Berti” experience.

My motivation is my love for dogs in general and for Ernie and Berti in particular. All started with a few pictures taken on a mobile phone on one of our daily dog walks. I posted those pictures on my old twitter account and something magic happend. Something that had never happend bevor. I got my first likes and retweets. People actually started to notice me (or rather my dogs). So I concluded that the dog theme was and still is the perfect combination of my love for dogs and my passion for social media.

All this, the website, the twitter account, Instagram, my BertiBot, my daily updated newsfeed #EBNews, is my hobby. I do this part time, while I am working full time as waiter. Besides I have a lovely wife, a wonderful son and two amazing dogs. So you can imagine how hard I have to fight to maintain my hobby. Sometimes I wonder what I could achieve if I had not only a few undisturbed minutes a day. Yes I freely admit that I dream of making my living with my passion for dogs and not with carrying dishes to hungry customers. But I am not here to plague you with my dreams, no I am here to entertain you with my dogs.