Ernie The Labrador

Ernie my always happy Labby

Ernie is a chocolate coloured Labrador from a local breeder. He is a wonderful dog with a lots of love to give but his character caused us some sleepless nights. We wanted the sleepiest, quietest, most passive dog of his litter. Why? Because we wanted to minimize conflicts with Berti our anxious Airedale. And somehow Ernie was a kind of beta test for us. “If Berti can stand a puppy he will be able to stand a baby, too.” we thought. So we explained our wishes to the breeder. The breeder was a friend of us who had tried to help us with Berti more than once but this time she erred. Instead of a little sleeping pill we got MDMA. Ernie was the leader of his litter. He was the biggest and meanest little pup. Always barking, always ready for a fight and always super cute…

But hey, we kept Berti, the anxious maniac, so it was no question that we keep Ernie the little douche, too.

He just conquered a place in our hearts as unerring as the spot in our bed on which he sleeps every night!

And as a little side note: The beta test went well and Ernie has a little human brother now.