How to care for your aging dog

By Berti|February 22, 2018

Now that you’re dog has shown you so much love and brought you so much joy throughout your many years together, it’s time that you return the favor when the dog reaches his elder years. Caring for an older dog is much like caring for an elderly person. Knowing how to do that will help comfort your dog immensely. Read More

Canine Arthritis

By Berti|February 19, 2018

Is your dog a little less enthusiastic about his daily strolls? It is safe to say that he is hesitant to get up or lie down? Do his joints click as he walks? If so, there’s a chance your buddy is suffering from canine arthritis. Just as with humans, arthritis in dogs can Read More

6 proven signs that your dog is entering it’s golden years

By Berti|October 23, 2017

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