Snackball fun with Ernie and Berti! They love it!

Let’s try to be sportive with canicross. 

This is a wonderful method to be sportive with your dog. You  built a team. You enjoy the nature. You entertain and walk your dog and you do some sports without even thinking about it! 

Relaxing walk with Ernie (new mobile phone for better quality)

Just a litte relaxing scope of me walking with Ernie through a forest.

Dog Zen – a meditativ exercise for you and your dog

Hello friends,

in this scope I show you a calm but really powerful exercise for you and your dog.
You need a quite spot like your garden, your couch or a peaceful place in the nature. You also need some tasty treats and a positive mindset. Then you can start.
Sit down in front of your dog and let him sit, too. Take a treat in your hand. Show it to your dog but don’t let him take it. At first you might have to close your hand. Combine this with an acoustic command like “Don’t!”. Say it determined. So you keep the ownership of the treat until your dog “asks” you. Your dog asks you with it’s eyes so keep your focus on your dog. Wait till he looks directly in your eyes. In the beginning you expect just a brief connection bevor you allow your dog to take the treat with a spoken “OK”. Then you start to extend the time that your dog has to ask you. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes and you will feel how your bonding with your dog deepens. Your dog learns politeness and calms down. You learn to focus on your dog and read his expressions.
Try it out and tell me how it works for you.