The most effective methods to Deal With Separation Anxiety

By Berti|February 21, 2018

Numerous dogs are put to sleep by owners who can no longer figure out what to do with a canine that barks, howls or yells constantly when they are gone, destroys things in their absence and basically makes a nuisance of himself. These people don’t comprehend
that the canine is not being disobedient—he is in all likelihood suffering from separation anxiety.

Canine Arthritis

By Berti|February 19, 2018

Is your dog a little less enthusiastic about his daily strolls? It is safe to say that he is hesitant to get up or lie down? Do his joints click as he walks? If so, there’s a chance your buddy is suffering from canine arthritis. Just as with humans, arthritis in dogs can

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Interview with Mystery Author Heather Weidner from Pens, Paws and Claws

By Berti|December 4, 2017

Thanks for letting me stop by and visit with you, Ernie, and Berti. I love watching their adventures on social media. I’m Heather Weidner, and I write mysteries. My second novel in the Delanie Fitzgeraldseries was published recently.   Private investigator Delanie Fitzgerald, and her computer hacker partner, Duncan Reynolds, are back for

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The Story of Berti eps. 1

By Berti|November 3, 2017

For all who prefer reading here is a transcript for you. Hello everybody, here is Gianni. You might know me from Twitter or Instagram. Well actually not me, but my dogs Ernie and Berti. Since almost three years I have been sharing our life with you. Countless pictures have found their way on

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Back to blogging

By Berti|October 23, 2017

Well, actually I have never been blogging before. I have tried to run a photo blog but Instagram made this senseless. I have been running a portfolio on this site but no one watched it. I have been running a sales page for a mobile app but not enough people downloaded it to

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