Ernie’s great love!

Let me tell you a little story about Ernie you might not know yet. He is a Labrador full of love. Ernie loves his big brother Berti and he loves his human “Mommy and Daddy” but there is a special dog, a German Shepherd lady, who will never leave his mind.

All started some days after his birth.

Kajas first contact with Ernie.

At first it looked like he wasn’t bothering. Then he opened his eyes and started  flirting.

Little Casanova Ernie

Their ways parted. Ernie got a new home. She stayed with his breeder.

One year later at a big family reunion they met again…

He couldn't believe his eyes.

There she was. She was no dream. No lost memory. She was real. Real and lovely. So Ernie tried to reach her.

Trying to catch his love.

But his brothers were jealous!

Can they stop Ernie?

Ernie’s efforts to reach his great love were almost desperate!

Helpless Ernie

But then…

Ernie is saved

Ernie’s big love came to rescue him! She hadn’t forgotten him either! He thanked her immediately.

Whispering his thanks.

In return she smiled.

...and she smiled!

Then there was no stopping him! He flirted like a big one.

Ernie in love!

He won her heart! There was only one problem. Things got to hot and he wasn’t ready for a romance yet. So there was only one escape.

Cooling things down.

Again their ways parted. But the warm feeling insight stayed!

The face of happiness.

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  1. GloriaSeattle

    Love this story, ty for sharing – love your Twitter page too! Makes me happy every day the photo’s of Ernie and Berti. Thank you for doing what you do and sharing them with us!


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